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Presidents of the Congregational Federation

1972-73  Viscountess Stansgate, London  -   Assembly in London
1973-74  Rev. Elsie D. Chamberlain, Hutton  -   Assembly in Leicester
1974-75  Rev. Elsie D. Chamberlain, Hutton  -   Assembly in Cheltenham
1975-76  Mr. David S. Watson, Potters Bar  -   Assembly in London
1976-77  Rev. Clifford Hill, East Ham  -   Assembly in Stoke-on-Trent
1977-78  Rev. James Ross Keillor, Victoria, Blackpool  -   Assembly in Manchester
1978-79  Pastor Graham M. Adams, Narborough  -   Assembly in London
1979-80  Rev. Ivor Morris, Ipswich  -   Assembly in Norwich
1980-81  Rev. Frank O. Brown, Wavertree, Liverpool  -   Assembly in Bristol
1981-82  *Rev. R. W. Cleaves, Clarendon Park, Leicester  -   Assembly in London
1982-83  Rev. John C. Travell, Penge  -   Assembly in Swansea
1983-84  Dr. J. W. Ashley Smith, Cloughfoot  -   Assembly in Sheffield
1984-85  Mr. Edward P. Wilson, Solihull  -   Assembly in London
1985-86  Rev. Kenneth Chambers, Victoria, Blackpool  -   Assembly in Oldham
1986-87  Rev. Norman Heywood, Eccles  -   Assembly in Leicester
1987-88  Rev. John D. Parker, Silver End  -   Assembly in London
1988-89  Pastor Leonard Inman, Upper Killay, Swansea  -   Assembly in Exeter
1989-90  Rev. J. William Bentham, Chinley and Thornsett  -   Assembly in Cambridge
1990-91  Rev. Dr. Janet H. Wootton, Union Chapel, Islington  -   Assembly in London
1991-92  Rev. John E. Bourne, Stroud  -   Assembly in Leamington Spa
1992-93  Rev. J. J. Raymond Avent, Taunton  -   Assembly in Liverpool
1993-94  Rev. Dr. Richard Cleaves, Highbury, Cheltenham  -   Assembly in London
1994-95  Mrs. Andrea Adams, Southam  -   Assembly in Sheffield
1995-96  Rev. Brian Pavis, Market Harborough  -   Assembly in Cardiff
1996-97  Mr. Frank Wroe, Greenacres, Oldham  -   Assembly in London
1997-98  Rev. Christopher Gillham, Haverfordwest  -   Assembly in Oldham
1998-99  Rev. Ian Gregory, Newcastle-under-Lyme  -   Assembly in Taunton
1999-2000  Rev. Robert Waddington, Wilsdon, Bradford  -   Assembly in London
2000-2001  Rev. James Smith, Ardrossan  -   Assembly in Leicester
2001-2002  Rev. Barry Osborne, Herstmonceux  -   Assembly in Stoke on Trent
2002-2003  Mrs. Felicity Cleaves, Highbury, Cheltenham  -   Assembly in Glasgow
2003-2004  Pastor Graham M Adams, Grassington  -   Assembly in London
2004-2005  Mrs. Valerie Price, Guilden Morden  -   Assembly in Colchester
2005-2006  Rev. John H Nockels, Frome  -   Assembly in Cheltenham
2006-2007  Rev. Christopher Damp, Bedford  -   Assembly in Oswaldtwistle
2007-2008  Rev. Dr. Alan Argent, Brixton, St Helier, Wimbledon  -   Assembly in Swansea
2008-2009  Rev. Wayne Hawkins, Southam & Bishops Itchington  -   Assembly in Plymouth
2009-2010  Rev. Jill Stephens, Church Support Worker, South West  -   Assembly in Harrogate
2010-2011  Rev. Sandra Turner, Stalbridge, South West  -   Assembly in Leicester
2011-2012  Rev. Brian Grist, Victoria, Blackpool  -   Assembly in Birmingham
2012-2013  Rev. Malcolm Muir, Scotland  -   Assembly in Dunfermline
2013-2014  Mrs. Margaret Morris, Ipswich, Suffolk  -   Assembly in Tonbridge
2014-2015  Rev. Barbara J. Bridges, Moreton-in-Marsh  -   Assembly in Bristol
2015-2016  Mrs. Elizabeth Bentham, Scunthorpe, Lincoln  -   Assembly in Peterborough
2016-2017  Rev. Dr. Paul Davis, Buckhurst Hill, South East  -   Assembly in Oldham
2017-2018  Rev. Martin Spain, Wolfcastle, Haverfordwest  -   Assembly in Swansea
2019-2020  Rev. Dr. Janet Wootton, Bedford  -   Assembly in Dundee
2021-2022  Rev. Suzanne Nockels, Sheffield   -   Assembly Online
2022-2023  Rev. Mark Taylor, Newark   -   Assembly in Birmingham
2022-2023  Rev. Oliver Kinchin, Padfield   -   Assembly in Taunton
2022-2023  Elisabeth Sweeney-Smith, Chinley Chapel   -   Assembly in Colchester

*Rev. R. W. Cleaves died after his election without being inducted as President