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Weekly News & Prayers

We aim to update this page every Friday. If you have any news or prayers you would like us to include please get in touch.

PRAYERS (Friday 12th April 2024)

This week let's pray for - 

Worries about the rising temperatures around the world

Those who are living with Parkinson's disease

The students. tutors and staff as we come together for the April weekend








NEWS (Friday 12th April 2024)

The Likewise event at Eccles Congregational Church was a great success and people from all around the area joined together to think about the life stage services as we held our session on "Hatched, Matched and Dispatched". Thank you to the church at Eccles for hosting us! 


We have a new addition to our department accessories!! 

Here is Knitty showing off our new custom made CF paperweight.


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