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Weekly News & Prayers

We aim to update this page every Friday. If you have any news or prayers you would like us to include please get in touch.

PRAYERS (Friday 1st December 2023)

This week let's pray for - 

The situation in Gaza where the ceasefire has ended and hostilities have restarted. Pray too for families of the hostages and prisoners who haven't yet been released.

All those who face this freezing weather without adequate housing - those who live on the streets and those who live in properties which are not fit for habitation

The planting of the tree in memory of Walter, at Newark on Sunday

The Staff of the Congrgational Federation in all they do to help churches around the UK








NEWS (Friday 1st December 2023)

Work to follow up the library stock take continued this week,

We have emailed current and ex-students and tutors who are showing on the system as having a book or books out. If you receive an email can you please take a look and see if you can find the missing books. If you don't have it, never had it or definitely returned it, can you let us know...

Our BOOK AMNESTY continues - Happy hunting! If you do find any books from the CIPT Library please return them to us - no questions asked!! 

 Thank you

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