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Change is in the air. Often with change comes unrest. People become protective of old ways and are suspicious of anything new. That is human nature and we all have some experience of it. So when someone says: “Let’s change the structure of the Federation” then alarm bells go off.

In a lengthy article in this issue the Chair of Council, Margaret Morris, explains the thinking behind the proposed changes to the system of committees and boards that the Federation has used over recent years. These changes will be debated at the National Assembly in Swansea but I feel it is useful for everyone to read what Margaret has to say and to digest the impact of these changes ahead of that assembly.

That is looking forward. Looking back, Richard Cleaves takes us to 1517 and the time when the Reformation was challenging the established way of church life. Martin Luther is a name with which we are perhaps all familiar but it is useful to read the details of the man behind these reforms. The art of printing had much to do with reforms then – it was the most modern form of mass-communication. Today we have the Internet and television. Things happen more quickly now than they did then. 500 years is a long time in history and much has changed. However, we must all remember that we are dealing with people when we make changes and people have feelings.

We have articles from three churches sharing their recent experiences and of course the usual contribution from our General Secretary, Yvonne. There are a couple of book reviews which are religious but not academic, so I hope they are interesting for you. I have written a piece about homelessness which is something I have explored recently.

Please do keep the articles and illustrations coming in. You can send them ahead of the deadline date - don’t feel you have to test my anxiety levels by leaving things to the last minute before submitting them. I pray that you had an interesting and challenging Easter in your church and that you now look forward to the summer.

David Kinchin