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How Does the Spring School Relate to Congregationalism?

Summer SchoolAs Congregational churches and members, we celebrate the fact that we are part of Christ’s huge family on earth, we enjoy fellowship with friends across denominations, and we are actively involved in joint ventures with other churches and organisations in our local and global service.

We are certainly not minded to ‘blow our own trumpet’ in any way, or to prefer ourselves over other Christians or churches.

  • However, nor are we embarrassed by the distinctives of our Congregational way of life and worship, and our way of being church.
  • Nor are we reluctant to stand by our conviction that we must play our part under God in challenging any and all injustices in our society.

While being part of the whole family of the church, we are also part of what is usually called the non-conformist, or dissenting, tradition of Christian values and principles. We have always stood with those Christians who speak out against any vested interests that neglect or actively harm vulnerable and disadvantaged people.  It does not matter whether these vested interests relate to Governmental policies and practices, the interests of businesses or other powerful groups in society, or even, at times, churches. 

With this in mind, the aim of the Spring School is both to encourage and to challenge us to play our part, as Congregational churches within the broader non-conformist tradition in the public life of the UK today. We will explore our distinctive values, perspectives and principles, reminding ourselves of our call to radical discipleship under Christ.