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Is Christian Non-Conformity a Thing of the Past?

It will come as no surprise to learn that as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the consequent lockdown, and not least because of the increased concerns about this nationally, we have had to postpone indefinitely what was now going to be a Spring School.

This is a great disappointment for us all, but our presenters are keen to share their expertise, their encouragement and their challenges with us when we are finally able to meet.

If we are able to meet later, perhaps much later, in 2021, and if people are feeling confident enough at that time to travel and meet others indoors, then we will make plans accordingly for a new weekend.

However, if realistically we cannot gather together for a full and rich weekend of fellowship and reflection on our non-conformist and Congregational heritage and future until early 2022, then we will approach that with the same enthusiasm.

We will keep you all posted.

In case you are hearing about this Spring School for the first time, or if you hadn’t been able to participate when it was going to take place at the rearranged date in early March next year, take a minute or two to look at what we are going to provide!

The aim of this Spring School is both to encourage and to challenge us to play our part within the broader non-conformist tradition in the public life of the UK today. We will explore our distinctive values, perspectives and principles, reminding ourselves of our call to radical discipleship under Christ.

The Spring School is open to anyone with an interest in how we can live out our Christian convictions in local churches that are fully autonomous, yet within a family of interdependent churches. It is open to anyone with a desire to have an impact on the structures and policies of society as well as getting involved at local level with particular projects. Does this include you?

The weekend will involve a mix of plenary sessions, presented by people with experience and expertise in different aspects of Christian non-conformity, and interactive, workshop type sessions, led by equally experienced scholar-practitioners.

The particular issues to be explored and presented in these sessions include the following:

  • What Are the Distinctives of a Christian Non-Conformist Voice in Public Life?
  • Significant Historical Congregationalists with an Ongoing Influence
  • Reading the Bible as Non-Conformists
  • The Importance of a Congregational Voice in the UK Today

Follow these links to find out more!

We hope you will be able to join us in the future!