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Serving Your Community

There are a variety of ways in which our churches are serving their communities. Many activities are focused around food, including coffee mornings, soup lunches, community café, community breakfast, food banks, and friendship centres.

Some churches have skills around crafts or other practical activities, while other are work with music or drama.

Different needs in their communities may be the focus for some churches, including, loneliness, poverty,  advice and internet support, homelessness, language support, and basic skills.

Or maybe you know a church that tries to meet the needs of different groups in their communities, offering support to families, young people, older people, or those who feel marginalised.

If you know of a church that is serving it's community, in whatever way, you may want to nominate them for a Serving the Community Award. Anyone can nominate a Congregational Federation Church.  

Forms are now available to download and contain more information.
(This form is also available as a PDF for ease of download)

Closing Date: 7th February 2020