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Disclosure Scotland

Disclosure Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government and performs a similar role to the DBS in England and Wales, providing potential employers with information about an applicant’s criminal history.

The Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (which replaces the previous system of Enhanced and Standard Disclosures) commenced on 28th February 2011 and is run by Disclosure Scotland. The Churches Agency for Safeguarding (CAS) works through the Central Registered Body in Scotland to process applications for PVG Scheme registration. Phase 1 in which individuals new to work with children and vulnerable adults were prioritised to enrol on the scheme began in 2011. Phase 2 of the scheme, (when existing workers can start to apply) began in November 2012.  This means that existing workers with children and vulnerable adults can now register with the PVG Scheme. 

Please note that CAS like other bodies working through the Central Registered Body in Scotland (CRBS) has been alloted a set number of PVG applications to submit each month in order for the process to be managed effectively. This means that while many individuals can apply to be registered on the scheme, CAS can only submit a set number of forms to the CRBS every month, therefore, CAS member churches in Scotland should work through their central denominational safeguarding officer to prioritise and manage submission of PVG applications to CAS.

The regulated work self assessment tool

This regulated work self assessment tool takes you through the five steps set out in the PVG Scheme Guidance to find out if what you are doing is regulated work.  You will have a choice to make or a question to answer on each screen.  At the end based on your responses, you will be advised whether or not you might be doing regulated work.