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Safeguarding Contact

If you need to discuss any Safeguarding queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact: Mrs Lisa Vickers, Safeguarding Officer:

Telephone: 0115 911 1460


Or complete the "How can we help you?" form.  

Keeping Up To Date

Online Update Service

The DBS has launched an Online Disclosure Update Service. The Update Service will enable an individual to keep their DBS certificate up to date through an online status check rather than apply for a new disclosure when they move jobs. Employers will be able to carry out online status checks on the currency of an individual’s disclosure certificate with their consent. Subscription to the update service is free of charge for volunteers and costs £13 a year for paid workers.

You can find out more about the Online Update Service from the DBS website at www.gov.uk/dbs.  Click here the following links to  How to subscribe to the Update Service and How to make a Status Check to download more information. 

New Consent tick box on E-Bulk- Please ignore

If you are verifying online applications you may have noticed a new message in the Processing Details box concerning obtaining the written consent of the applicant. You can ignore this message.
If you do tick the box you will still not be able to upload a certificate. CAPITA have introduced a new feature to their website which would enable a scanned copy of a blemished Disclosure to be uploaded with the applicant's consent. CAS is not going to be using this feature and our verifiers do not have the necessary permissions to be able to upload a certificate.
When CAPITA next update the website you should no longer be able to see this message.

April 2014