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Growing Disciples

Instead of training individuals, the 'Growing Disciples' programme is much more about helping churches to be healthy. In fact, it is not a 'training course' as such, but a series of sessions designed to help churches grow as communities of disciples. It does not need an expert or experienced leader, because it recognises that we all bring expertise and experience - but it does offer questions and creative resources to invite churches to think and act in new ways.


This resource roots the unique discipleship of individual Christians in the corporate life of churches, and aims to equip them with tools -

• to explore the nature of discipleship confidently;
• to identify and celebrate their rich diversity, in order to build up the Body of Christ; and

It offers support to churches in their life as:
• learning communities - discerning Good News together;
• worshipping communities - experiencing Good News as we gather together;
• listening communities - embodying Good News in our care for one another and our decision-making; and
• missionary communities - practising Good News in the world to live their Christian faith publicly


Phase 1 - Introduction
Phase 2 - Growing as a learning community: discerning Good News together
Phase 3 -
Growing as a worshipping community: experiencing Good News together
Phase 4 -
Growing as a listening community: embodying Good News together
Phase 5 -
Growing as a missionary community: practising Good News together

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