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Praying Through The Subject Of Same-Sex Marriage

I know of a number of Church Meetings that have or are discussing the issue of Same Sex Marriage. This is a debate which understandably and rightly invokes strong feeling. I wrote this booklet in response to a church that was looking to pray about the issue and they found it helpful. This includes people on a wide spectrum of deeply-held belief.

It is definitely a prayer-guide and not a study-guide or a treatise telling anyone what to think. Any views, inferences or scholarship is my own and you are more than welcome to disagree with me. I am simply using this month's 'Resource of the Month' to make it more widely available to those who might also find it helpful. As a prayer-guide it might be useful to place alongside other resources. It in no way represents a statement by the Congregational Federation as a whole. I hope you receive it in the spirit in which it is offered.


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