‘Happenings’ - A series of guided reflections and prayers using visual images.

I first came across this resource at the North East Area Assembly where Rev Peter Thomas spoke about his work in schools. ‘Happenings’ is a beautifully produced resource for group contemplation. It is a series of 30 unique postcard-sized photos with suggestions on the back for a group time of prayer. It suggests an object(s) to have in the room, simple questions to provoke deeper thought, Bible verses and a symbolic action of some kind. Peter has produced the resource himself and his daughter Bethan is the photographer who has taken the pictures. His nearby Christian bookshop, Cornerstone in Skipton, has assembled the necessary objects in boxes to accompany the happenings cards. These can be hired for free. However, none of the objects are difficult to find and would be easy to source yourself if you can’t travel to Skipton.

It has grown out of his engagement with young people and how for them, the visual helps with the spiritual. ‘Happenings’ is much more about centring down and getting to the core of things rather than the high-energy activities we often think young people will respond to. In this way ‘Happenings’ goes beyond age-groups and could be used for Church prayer-groups or, if you simply focussed on the pictures, personal devotion time. They might also provide the first idea for an act of all-age worship.

You can contact Peter for your set. They are priced at £17.50.