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Faith in Dark Places - David Rhodes

This is a Christian challenge to social injustice. Combining moving stories from areas of great poverty with a fresh approach to the Gospel, the book explores the revolutionary idea that the love of God is being spoken to a divided world by those rejected as worthless - the vulnerable and marginalised.

Exploring major issues including poverty, political propaganda and gender discrimination, it offers radical new insights into key biblical texts: the Lord's Prayer is a prayer for the poor and the parable of the Prodigal Son offers a startling controversial image of God.

The book has received several glowing reviews

'I read this precious book with joy. It reveals a mystery so hard for us to hear, that we are healed by the broken as they reveal to us the presence of Jesus.' Jean Vanier founder of L'Arche Community

'An important piece of writing...vital and stimulating.' Coracle

It can be purchased at a discounted rate (and free P&P) here

A useful lent resource based on the book can be found on the Turbulent Books website There are five study sessions that can be used as a group or individually.