Prospectus and Application Forms

Every journey has a beginning. Thinking of studying with the Congregational Institute for Practical Theology? Why not arrange to have a chat with the Learning & Development Manager, Walter Riggans - email him here

The new 2022/23 academic prospectus are now available using the links on the left.

Details of the costs and information about bursaries and grants can be found in the Prospectus.

There are separate application procedures for GIFT (Level 3) and the FD (Levels 4-5) 

Online application forms for all the courses can be accessed via the links in the left hand column of this page.

NB Applications for the FD course should be made by 31st May in each year.

NB Applications from Congregational Federation church members require the endorsement and support of their Church Meeting.

NB Applications from those who are working for the Congregational Federation or an Area Association require the endorsement of the National Body or Area, respectively.