News from Grenada January 2024 - Grenada Anniversary Celebrations

As we step into Grenadas 50 anniversary year since independence in 1974 celabrations are well underways. Do check out the 50th Anniversary songs and Video on YouTube. It shows the country well and is being sung and learnt in the Primary School I am the Chaplain of.

This term is also sports term and the schools are gearing up to their sports days. It does seem, however, that sports take over the whole term with lots of lessons being cancelled to practice and do heats.

Will I stay?
Stunning views across GrenadaI have had a few meetings with people here and partners in the agreement for me to be here. It seem the decision rest with me as the Prebyterian Church in Grenada would be happy for me to stay for a longer period. There could be benefit as relationships have been built, but to date I am often working in isolation. CWM evaluation form will need to be completed by the end of March and so a decission will be made by then. I value your prayers and comments in this next month.

I have now visited some of the students who moved from Primary to Secondary schools. Most are doing OK, but some have challenges. I will continue to link with them.

At the Primary School we have done a few assemblies, one focused on looking after each other, another on the climate crisis and another on independence and the next 10 years.

I had some good informal chats with children and have started to see one for guidance sessions.

At the Secondary School I have spoken at a few assemblies and Guidance classes. I have re started taking part in some RE lessons and the vice principal requested a morning reflection for staff of which I have done two. I continue to do my dive bomb reflections in registration time and greet people at the school gate.

Sponsored Walk across Grenada
Nigel's sponsored walk companionsI did my 5-day walk. The first night I phoned the guest house and was told there was no room in the inn. This on Boxing Day, but I found a space. The walk was more of a challenge this year, rucksack broke, longer days and distance, more hills and less houses to pass. I didn’t feel as supported this year as I raise money for the two schools.

To date I have about 1200 Eastern Caribbean dollars and about £900 from my time speaking in the UK. 3 women joined me to walk 2 days which was great, but none connected to Church or Schools.

I am still finding out cost of one bench, but looks like material without labour will be about 1200.

On 27th January 3 people from CF Churches will come out to visit. We have a plan for what they can be involved in and I hope it will all come together. On their return you may want to invite them to talk at your Church or group. Remember if you want to come out, I can host you and you get to see this beautiful country.

Open Space
We have not yet restarted Youth group due to sports practice. But on Fridays I am now doing Open Space. The first week 16, second 18 and last week 24. Age range 4-14 and it is a challenge on my own. I have made the structure tighter and it includes prayer, bible story, creative activity and games. This last week I had two 12 years olds helping.

Due to the land slide, I had 5 people living in my house with me. it was due for 1 night and ended up being 3.5 weeks. It was good to have company in the house and I enjoyed my Grandad role with the 6-year-old. They are now renting a place a long way from their home for 3 months and the government are due to help them rebuild.

Thanks for prayers and conversations. Do let me know if you want a zoom or WhatsApp call. WhatsApp +1 473 458 1932

Also check out my Facebook pictures and my YouTube Channel - pastornigel19

God bless,

Nigel Lindsay