What an opportunity: 29th January 2022

I have now been here for 5 months and soon will need to complete my six-monthly review. Whilst progress has been relatively slow I have got to know the place a bit better. I can understand what people are saying a lot more now and have some plans which may take off at some stage.

I have not had to use the fan throughout the night for this past month and that could be that the weather is cooler or it could be me acclimatising. Sometime up in my house on the hill it can be quite blustery and some time the door slams shut. We still have a fair bit of rain which sometimes is very heavy. The Presbytery meeting have agreed for me to take in a lodger and for the room below me to be made into bedsit to be let out and we will see how long that will take.

I am enjoying doing my weekly Primary assemblies, it takes a fair time to plan them as they are still on Zoom getting all the right YouTube clips in place, but we had 75 on screen this last week. Some of the children are saying hallo when I am out and about which is nice and some parents too as they also see me on Zoom. What an opportunity to Zoom into so many homes.

I am aware that some children are finding it hard to return to school, some because of concerns about Covid19 (we are having increased cases here at present), some because they have not been out much and now socialising is scary. I plan to put a programme together we may be able use with parents and children. We have staggered year groups in schools to maintain social distancing - in theory.

HASH RunI have been in the secondary school on Mondays and Thursdays. I have observed classes and even taken two classes in the absence of a teacher. I also delivered some short class reflections and had a few meetings. MacDonald College celebrated its 59th Birthday on 21st January and I was there to do the closing prayer. Currently only Year 1 do RE, there is a ‘kept back’ class which needs some support and there could be plenty for me to do.

I went to my first HASH last week. These are gatherings of all ages, and happened on a Saturday at about 3.30pm. It is a bit like a Parkrun, but they run and walk following a trail of shredded paper. There are some strange rules, but I was given a certificate at the end and sprayed with beer along with others who were there for the first time. It was a good chance to meet people from all over the island and chat as you walked or socialised after. Many take place in the south and I am not so keen to drive particularly at night.

HASH RunI am still in pursuit of Scouting in Grenada and a commissioner is due to phone me. But there is little evidence it is very active.

February 7th is Independence Day and bunting and flags have been put up all over the island. I am told they sometimes paint street furniture and even rocks having been painted before. I am now seeing clothes made in Red, Yellow and Green, which I understand may be worn on the day before. I am due to do the prayers for the Independence Day service on the 6th February which will be broadcast on National TV. Perhaps my new shirt will be made in time!

Church continues, but I think the rise in Covid19 has slowed the return of people. I am working on our new leadership team formation and have hope this will help. We have been looking at 1 Corinthians 12 and talking about how Spiritual Gifts were given for the benefit of the whole community. The children are enjoying their weekly challenge and trying to get information from me before the time. Family time is next Saturday and has a theme of the Good Samaritan.

On New Year’s morning I had hoped to have a lie in after a late night with the Old Year’s Midnight service, only to be woken at 5.45am with loud HAPPY NEW YEAR parties! It continued, up and down volume, for quite some time. You have to have your windows open and there seem to be no rules about loud music. It can be constant and sometime feels like different venues down the hill are competing - a bit like the Minibus drivers I mentioned last time. But then there are times of complete quiet. A type of quiet I am not sure I have experienced before, stillness. That is when you can hear the small clear voice of God!

Have a great Month. Still up for Zoom or What App chats. Have enjoyed that over this past month. Great to hear your news.

God bless,

Nigel Lindsay
pastornigel19@yahoo.co.uk +1 473 458 1932