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Over two months in Grenada - 28th October 2021

My thanks to those who contacted me after my last update. I know people in the UK are praying for me and that is so much support. Do follow the pictures on Facebook.

Tonight it got dark about 5.50pm and it seems to be getting slightly earlier each day and gets light about 5.50am. Today and recent days have been a little overcast, people say it’s the ‘Sahara Dust’ and it has been windier which is good, sometimes quite blowy and some very heavy downpours - I have got soaked, not just from sweat!

Schools start back for exam students in both Primary and Secondary from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from next week and Mondays and Tuesdays are for those who have not engaged in remote learning, all the others will stay remote. I have done two Primary Assemblies for both lower and upper years on Zoom, which I enjoyed and hope they got something from. Have another next Wednesday.

Congregation of Presbyterian Church of GrenadaWe have had 2 live services and I have enjoyed the interaction. It is a small congregation, but there were more attending the second week than the first. The prayer meeting on Tuesday nights is a work in progress and has a regular gathering of about 6. Bible study is on the theme of Prayer and this week had some good contributions. Family time - our Zoom activity for Primary age children and families - has gone OK, but gets an inconsistent following and it will be great when we can go live again.

I was on local television for the Prayer and Reflections Day as I did a 12 minute slot and have also appeared on the news a few times usually walking up the High Street! I was asked one day to bless a boat, expecting it to be in a few days time. However, it was that day and it ended up being two boats! Last Saturday I blessed a house. People in the community are getting to understand I am here for a while and stop me to do things or pray with them.

When I ask if people are Ok the common answer is “I am ok for the time” - which is an expression I had not heard before. Also when people join us on Zoom in the evening they say “Good Night!” I think I would say “Good evening”, and the “Good night” at the end!

What I cannot work out is why they don’t buy a belt? I walked behind a not-so-young man the other day, just for about 10 minutes, and he had to pull up his trousers about 20 times! Is it my old age?

Rural image of Grenada

Getting used to different ways is great. Sitting, chatting, walking slower, sleeping with the fan on, swimming in the sea I am getting used to. I have time for more reading that I ever had before. I have found a lady up by the Catholic Church who makes nice homemade ice-cream. I got my first haircut! Life is very isolated in the evenings, but I find plenty to prepare for and do.

If you would like a Zoom chat or WhatsApp chat let me know as individuals, a group or a Church and that can be arranged. Emails are good pastornigel19@yahoo.co.uk or my postal address is:

Rev Nigel Lindsay,
P.O. Box 1886,
St George,

May God bless your journey this month,

Nigel Lindsay