Questions, questions, questions

Will the Youth group take off? How do we connect Jesus to those in our community? How do you identify genuine need?

It is getting hotter here in Grenada and despite some unprecedented rain last week it is dry this week. That could be exciting as I planned my second holiday and this time to St Vincent by boat. But Covid19 is on the rise here and so I am now planning to go back to Carriacou, which is part of Grenada.

School in GrenadaYesterday I was asked to go and pray for the Form 6 students at Samaritan School as they have exams this week to determine if they can go up to Secondary School in September. The teachers were great at giving them tips and encouragement. The children are getting to know me and come up and chat away. I can’t always understand what they are saying and my accent understanding is getting better, but is still not brilliant, especially when there is other noise in the background.

I am aware there are poorer people in the community, but it is not always evident. I had hoped that someone from the schools could help me so I can be supportive and maybe we could set up some project that could encourage their enterprise. I am sure as a Church we could be doing more in this area, but I need to find others to be part of the way forward.

We have had no movement on our Buildings, but the Fundraising Team are planing for what I see as a Summer Fayre, but is called Harvest. This is to take place on 16th June and as a small church with few people we have lots to do. Prayers are welcome

I have now walked around the whole of Grenada on the main roads and so now plan to explore going inwards and outwards, to see beaches and waterfalls.

I continue to do some sessions in class at the Secondary School and today did a session on aggressive passive and assertiveness. One young man almost pushed me to the floor, but I had asked him to show aggression. It was a good lesson and they engaged well. Lots will stop soon for Exams, and Covid is having an impact on teaching in class.

I started Youth group two weeks ago and a different two girls came each week. The plan is to do stuff on issues that effect young people, some games, eat and go out and do some active things. It is the case everywhere but many people say yes, but yes is often forgotten about. How do you remind people without being too pushy?

I had 3 days without any water in the house. We found someone had turned it off up by the road, a long way from the house. I got it back but then some kind person turned if off again! But wise to what happened before I was soon able to get water flowing again. A kind teacher has repaired some pipes, but today I found a flood in the basement room, so some more work to do.

Labour Day CelebrationsI was invited to a special occasion meal with dance and song. On 1st May it was Labour Day and also Indian Arrival Day. In all some 3,206 East Indians came to Grenada in 1885 as indentured labourers. They worked for little income following the abolishment of slavery and only 380 of them returned to India. The Schools and church in Samaritan and Belair were set up by the Presbyterian Church to serve this Indian community.

I value your prayers. This is a lovely place to be, but there are many challenges. Often motivation to do something is an uphill struggle.

It will be great to hear your news, I am still up for Zoom or WhatsApp chats. I have enjoyed that over this past month.

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God bless,

Nigel Lindsay