Marmite has arrived!

Marmite has arrived thanks to Roy from Pilgrims way Church in East Ham.

Well, my 9 months here in Grenada seems a long time, but in some ways it has gone really quickly. When I returned from my weeks break in Carriacou I had so many people say they had not seen me. Although they may not say anything I get noticed and conversations take place.

To the questions I posed last time no one came back with answers: Will the Youth group take off? How do we connect Jesus to those in our community? How do you identify genuine need?

I would not say the youth group has taken off yet, for the two weeks after my holiday I had no one and last week two young people came along. We had a good time of eating, first aid, exploring the passage of Jesus sleeping in the boat and played basketball. We have about 4 weeks before the end of term, so we will see. I think the residential I had in mind may have to wait!

Nigel LindsayI had a funeral on 31st May and have another on 15th June. The church was full with many people outside too and many watched on Zoom and YouTube. I knew the man and had been visiting and he had been very involved in the life of the Church.

My drive down to St George before my week away was not an experience I want to repeat. I had been invited to a Methodist Church harvest which was good, but then in transporting people home in the dark and rain I entered a road with people dancing in the street to loud music. I had to reverse down the road and in trying to avoid the dancing people I bumped into a car parked on a junction. Details were swapped and I eventually managed to reverse out. Whilst driving on to St George with another minister that I was due to drop off the red light came on in the car. The car then stopped on a steep hill which was a one way street with no passing space. Someone helped me get it going only for it to stop again a bit further up.

Eventually I got it going but with great concern about the steep downhill section I was then facing! Being an automatic car if it stopped working mid-hill the brakes would not work I believe. We prayed! And got down.

CarriacouI stopped near the stadium as I knew it could go no further. We were then rescued by the Methodist Superintendent who I was due to stay with. I was certain that I would not get to Carriacou the next day. But God is good and everything came together for the repair to the other car to be paid for by me, for the break down van to pick up my car and Sylbert got me to the ferry just as it was leaving. I did damage the engine and so have just got the car back at a high cost.

I have had challenges with the computer and it has just been re-booted and I got it back today. Preparing the paperwork for the funerals and services has been difficult when you are used to using a computer.

Most students are doing the end of year exams to determine if they go up a grade and so I am trying to negotiate plans for next term. I was able to do a Primary School Assembly on Tuesday before their Wednesday Exams and had great fun doing the Preschool Assembly on Friday. They have been learning Shine and Great Big God and sung so enthusiastically. I am doing their graduation event in a couple of weeks’ time.

The big event that is our Harvest will take place on 16th June and I would value your prayers as we have few people to help. Elections are held here on 23rd June for the national government, with lots of rallies and promises. My next two weeks at Church are looking at what issues would be important if Jesus was to vote in these elections. What do you think?

Church in GrenadaI did brief Prayers and a Reflection for the National Cabinet on 30th May and was thanked by the Prime Minister. Tomorrow I will be at Belair Church for the 9.30am service and then at Samaritan for 11.30am. It is a rush, but I have this on the first and second weeks of the month. Last week there were 7 at Belair and I plan to meet with the leaders on Monday Night. Samaritan is also struggling to find people to help do things. Sometime saying yes, but then not seeing it through.

I was able to put together a Service we held at the St Georges Church to celebrate the Rev Osbert James 20 years as Presbyterian minister on 26th May. Watch it here on YouTube.

If anyone would like to come out you are welcome and I know I can find something for you to do. It will be great to hear your news, I am still up for Zoom or What App chats. I have enjoyed that over this past month. What App +1 473 458 1932

Also check out my Facebook pictures and news updates.

God bless, Nigel