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West End Congregational Church, Haverhill

Ministerial Vacancy

West End Congregational Church would like to begin the next phase of its long history in partnership with a minister who will uphold its vision -

“A place where Christ is honoured, the Bible upheld and all are welcome.”

West End Congregational Church is seeking a new full time Minister for the Church, to provide leadership and help reinvigorate the Church, filling the void left by an interregnum period that has been in existence since the retirement of our previous long standing minister in 2019. The new minister will help to nurture, encourage, enthuse and unite the membership back and help to lead the Church in raising the profile of the Church within the town. The minister will be part of the diaconate and be willing to lead meetings attending to the business of the Church.

In the first instance, for more details about this vacancy, please contact Yvonne Campbell.

West End Congregational Church, Haverhill