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Vacancies & Churches Seeking Ministry

This section will be used to advertise any existing vacancies in staff opportunities in the Congregational Federation, in our Churches, and within other church denominations and mission organisations.

The following churches are seeking ministers/pastors at the present time. If you are interested in receiving more information you must firstly contact the Congregational Federation via our Nottingham Office.

Full-time - Haverfordwest Pastorate (Wales); Inglewhite, Lancashire (North West); Taunton: North Street (South West); Witney (South West Midlands)

Part-time - Dereham: Cowper Memorial (Eastern); Elstow Bunyan Christian Fellowship (East Midlands); Shillington (East Midlands); Stalybridge (North West).

Non-Stipendiary - Frampton (South West Midlands); Oban Congregational Church (Scotland); Ebenezer Independent Congregational Chapel, Tredegar, Gwent (Wales).

Preparing for a vacancy

Preparing for a vacancy bookletWe have created a new resource for those situations where a Minister or Pastor of a Congregational Church is preparing to retire or move on. It is a simple guide with easy to follow suggestions on how a church should proceed.

Suggestions include special Church Meetings, creating a church profile/job description/person specification, having a vision day, establishing an interview process and much more. Take a look ...


Opportunities to Serve and Grow

Belonging to the Congregational Federation can open the door to varied and exciting opportunities: both for young people; and for others who lead children's and youth work in our churches.

We encourage young people to grow in faith through service programmes at home and overseas. 

We also support the personal development of Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and other voluntary workers in our Churches.

In addition, we encourage whole churches to take up opportunities to strengthen their work.