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The Partner in Mission (PIM) Programme

The Partner in Mission (PIM) programme is a coordinated approach to sharing people between member churches and, in some cases, with the wider ecumenical community. The term ‘Partner in Mission’ refers to an individual who serves in a context outside of his/her own nation and member church, using skills, experiences and gifts which are needed in the new context that they serve.

A Partner In Mission’s work in a particular context is intentionally designed to facilitate the accomplishment of member church/partner organisation mission priorities. Consequently, the work of a Partner In Mission spans a variety of fields e.g. medical, education, pastoral/congregational ministry based on the mission priorities of the receiving context.

This mutuality in mission is based on the principle of interdependence and draws on the rich resources within the CWM family towards the accomplishment of CWM’s vision of fullness of life for all God’s creation.

Please feel free to communicate via our own General Secretary or directly with Karen Francis in the CWM PIM Unit.

Breaking News: 07/02/2024

The PIM Unit is delighted to share that a mission partnership is available in Hong Kong, and we would like to invite applications from member churches and ecumenical partners for this mission opportunity.  Please refer to the attached documents for more information.

Partner in Mission Poster

For more information, please email the Coordinator for Partners in Mission, Sherrin Chong at partnerinmission@cwmission.org.