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Congregational Federation Representatives

Representative for Christian Aid

Christian AidRegular reports will be needed as appropriate for the Church Support Committee that meets in the Spring and Autumn.

Representative needs to be a congregational church minister, deacon or member.

The representative will be the liaison person between the Congregational Federation and Christian Aid. They will help meet with Christian Aid to share proposals for partnership opportunities and manage what communication is shared between Christian Aid and the Congregational Federation churches during those partnerships and any other information as appropriate.

They will attend the Christian Aid AGM every year – usually in October in London.

They will visit Congregational Federation churches if necessary to share and encourage churches in their Christian Aid work.

Expenses will be paid if necessary.

Representative on Robinsons Charity

A short report as appropriate will be needed for the Church Support Committee in the Autumn.

Representative needs to be a congregational church deacon or member.

The Trustees meet twice per year, in March to consider the financial statements and in June to consider the recommendations for grants made by the subcommittee. The June meeting takes place as near as possible to 8th June, the founder’s birthday and is followed by a modest dinner for which the trust pays. The assets are managed by Charles Stanley supervised by the Treasurer and more than half the trustees have a financial background.

Whoever does it would probably join the benefits sub-committee, as we try to have a representative from each of the main denominations on it and he/she would be the only Congregationalist Trustee. We usually hold the meeting shortly before the June meeting. I prepare summaries of the applications and send out a schedule to the other members of the committee. The applications are available at the meeting if more information is required.

Expenses will be paid if necessary.

For both of these roles, in the first instance, for more information or to apply for these posts, please conatct the General Secretary, Yvonne Campbell.