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An Urgent Call for Prayers and Solidarity for the People in Myanmar

26 January 2022

The General Secretary of the CWM, Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, expressed his grave concern about the ongoing military coup in Myanmar and called out the member churches of the CWM to pray for the people in Myanmar as they suffer from both military coup and covid-19 pandemic.

The ongoing peaceful protests are often resulting in bloodshed as the military continues to lay its iron fist on the protestors and resort to extreme actions to suppress the resistance. The crackdowns are turning to be more violent, involving open firing and bombing on the peaceful protestors for democracy.

In one of such recent incidents of bombing on the civilians in the Tahan region where our member Church, the Presbyterian Church in Myanmar (PCM), is located, many people were killed, many people are fleeing to neighbouring countries, and others hiding themselves being displaced from their homes and villages in their own country. Many displaced people are seeking shelter, and as a result, the PCM is tasked with providing food, shelter, and protection to those people in the midst of the humanitarian crisis they are facing.

The situation is deteriorating day by day as more people are fleeing and hiding in unsafe places, being displaced from their homes and villages in their own country, fearing a ruthless military crackdown. The Covid-19 pandemic further worsens this already devastating situation. People’s lives are threatened. They are being deprived of safety, vaccines, medical supplies, oxygen cylinders, and other basic essentials under the coup and Covid-19 Pandemic.

It is in this time of Crisis again, the CWM calls upon all our member churches to come forward to help our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. The CWM is making arrangements to send another Solidarity and Action Grant despite the difficulties in sending support. The member churches can contact the CWM East Asia Region office for more details on how they can send their support.

While we carry on our efforts to help, let us continue to uphold them in our prayers that the God of salvation may deliver all the people of Myanmar from the ongoing military coup and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.” – Psalm 107:6

God of life, we plead you to grant your grace and protection for the people of Myanmar. Hear the appeals of those who strive for democracy and remember the efforts of those seeking peace in Myanmar, even at the expense of their lives.

God of justice, we plead you to reveal that no one can suppress justice by might or power. Hear the appeals of those who cry out for justice and peace, and remember the plight of the persecuted, the broken, and those who become displaced and imprisoned in their own land.

God of hope, we plead you to restore true nationhood and security in the land of Myanmar. Hear the appeals of those desperately trying to help the country survive in a hostile situation and that there will be a speedy and peaceful resolution to this impasse.

God of peace, we plead you to remember the well-being of every individual in Myanmar. Hear the appeals of those who are unwell and sick during this painful moment and grant your healing grace through uninterrupted medical services and restrain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in this land.

God of Presbyterian Church in Myanmar, we plead to you to watch over our sisters and brothers as they meet at each regional synod gathering and at the upcoming General Assembly in February. Grant them stable and effective internet connection and safety for those who need to travel for meetings in the midst of civil unrest and armed conflict. May PCM be your channel of blessing to assist and support the displaced people across the country.

In Jesus’s Name… AMEN

(Shared from the Council for World Mission Website)