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Declaration: New Years Prayer Week

23 December 2021

"We’re thrilled to share something really exciting with you: Declaration 2022 is on its way! It’s going to be big, it’s going to be powerful, and we’re believing for God to move in a truly incredible way."

Declaration is a national week of prayer; from Sunday 2 to Saturday 8 January, for a chance to focus and pray about the year ahead. Everyone is invited – you, your leaders, church and community; the invitation is for everyone.

Presented by The Well, in partnership with Tearfund, and co-hosted in collaboration with TBN UK, Premier Gospel, YouVersion, and Black Majority Churches both locally and across the UK, Declaration 2022 is a week not to be missed. The events of the week will be available to view on TBN, Premier and online – to find out more, check out this year’s Declaration webpage.

There will be prayer about issues such as global poverty, injustice and inequality, and there will be a powerful time of morning prayer and also learn how to put faith into action during lunchtime online workshops..

The Well is a brand new initiative with a vision to align, engage and collaborate with Black Majority churches and Black Christians throughout the UK, in a unified, hope-filled response to issues of global poverty, injustice and inequality.

Dr Bernice King, minister and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr, says ‘This first week of the year is an opportunity to bring church communities together and unite on issues affecting our brothers and sisters across the world.’ There is much prayerful expectation for Declaration 2022, believing for a spectacular move of God throughout this event. Will you pray too? Will you join in?