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Altar Live

25 November 2020

Altar Live

Altar Live allows you to do more than just watch church. Go deeper with family, friends, and neighbors by worshiping together. Interact, participate, and connect with your community, online.

At Altar Live the team of software engineers, entrepreneurs, and church leaders have been working hard for the past 6 months to build a world class platform that brings together the best of live stream and video-conference, built specifically for churches. Altar Live creates space for people to gather and worship together online:

  • Create a welcoming environment with a designated online hospitality team
  • Worship with others or invite a friend to join you in a watch party
  • Experience a seamless transition between a live stream service and video conference
  • Mingle and move around freely in an after-event social lobby to talk with other members in a video conference session
  • Create private space for prayer among two or three people
  • Set up a welcome table where newcomers can ask questions and learn about next steps
  • Create virtual classrooms to host synchronous smaller events within a larger event

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