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Pray for Schools Day

12 November 2020

From the Free Churches Group:

“Shining like Stars”

Here at the Free Churches Group, we play an active part in the dynamic prayer network of the Pray for Schools steering group.

We are delighted to share with you all news of the forthcoming Pray for Schools Day coming up next Tuesday, 17th November.

For further information and how to get involved, here is an extracts from their recent newsletter:

“If you're new to Pray for Schools (PFS), welcome!
We've been keenly aware - as I'm sure you are too - of the importance of prayer over this Covid period. It truly is the key to revival and prayer for our young people is particularly significant.
Please read our newsletter for more thoughts on this.

Tuesday 17 November is Pray Day!

Please join Celia Bowring of CARE and Jane Newey from Pray for Schools for a Zoom Prayer Session

** 9.30am with Lisa Jones from Scripture Union and Bev Smith from Youth For Christ

** 5.30pm with Ebony Fennell from Prayer Spaces in Schools and Toni Coulton of Chaplaincy Central


Worcester Diocese is also hosting a Zoom Prayer session at ** 1.45pm ** with Julie Jeffries from Open the Book


Let's keep on praying!

Jane Newey
Pray for Schools England Coordinator