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Rural Misson Sunday 2020

09 July 2020

Rural Misson Sunday 2020

Rural Mission Sunday 2020: Heaven in Ordinary

Sunday 19 July

As we prepare for Rural Mission Sunday 2020, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. We – in common with communities across the world – have been living in lockdown for a significant proportion of the early months of this year, living with a level of disconnection that many, if not all of us, have found unsettling and unprecedented.

As we have supported rural churches through COVID-19, and listened to stories of the impact the outbreak has had, we have become convinced that Rural Mission Sunday 2020 offers a timely opportunity to take stock and reflect, to engage intentionally with the changes of perspective that we have experienced in recent weeks.

In Exodus 3 we read of an encounter between Moses and God at the burning bush. Moses is going about his normal, everyday life when he catches sight of a bush that’s on fire. This is a fairly ordinary occurrence for him, but he’s paying sufficient attention to notice that the bush isn’t burning up. What follows is an exchange that transforms not only Moses but the future of the whole people of God.

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