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Cheltenham Passion Play

08 April 2020

Jason Boyd and Richard Cleaves write:

Dear Friends,

It is the 20th anniversary of the Cheltenham Passion Play.

With everyone under lock-down it is an excellent opportunity to re-visit it.

To mark the occasion we have published all three of the videos telling the story of the Passion Play for the first time. They are introduced by Pam Rhodes and produced by Simon Hammond who made TV programmes for the BBC including Songs of Praise.

It would be great if you could include it in your publicity material for Easter.

Jesus for Today is an hour's TV programme that tells the story of the Cheltenham Passion Play, the people who took part, the people who watched and the impact the story of Jesus continues to have on many people's lives. 

Jesus for Tomorrow is a half-hour programme for schools. Matt Medhurst who played the part of Jesus meets students from Pittville School, Cheltenham to talk about his experience and his faith. It will be particularly useful for families to use at home especially with young people from Years 6,7 and 8 who are 10 to 14 years old.

Jesus forever the same is a collection of five prayer meditations created by those who took part on the five themes of the Passion Play: Friendship, Conflict, Betrayal, Death, Resurrection. 

On the website, Jesusfortoday.co.uk his web site the whole of the programme is broken down into short video clips that together tell the story of Jesus.

There's lots of material to help you find out more about Jesus and the difference he makes.

There are resources for individuals, churches and schools to use. They will be specially useful this Easter for all who are home-schooling this Easter.

Please pass this message on as widely as you can and encourage as many people as possible to view the videos and visit the website. You may be able to invite people to watch Jesus for Today on Good Friday between 12-00 and 3-00 and perhaps return to the final Act, Resurrection, on Easter Sunday at 8-00!

Every blessing for Easter and all that lies ahead,

Jason Boyd (Minister, Highbury Congregational Church)
Richard Cleaves (retired)