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Art for CWM Assembly

05 March 2020

The United Reformed Church, as a member of the Council for World Mission (CWM) is requested to help with artwork for the forthcoming 2020 Assembly in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are inviting children from local church congregations to provide some artwork reflecting their ideas on the assembly theme “Rising to Life with Jesus.”

The art may be provided in any medium e.g. paint, crayon etc but be limited to A4 size paper.

CWM will collect the art together and forward it to the Assembly location. The intention would be to use the artwork in CWM publications over the next period and to display the art at the Assembly.

Some possible entry points to the theme “Rising to Life with Jesus”:

  • What do you think “rising to life with Jesus” means? Think about the stories of Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. Think about the people Jesus met who he gave new life too e.g. Zacchaeus or Lazarus.
  • What does “rising to life with Jesus” mean in your place? Think about your place and some of the things you would like to change. Where would “rising to life with Jesus” make a difference in your place?
  • What does “rising to life with Jesus” mean for our world? Think about our world and some of the things that threaten our lives, where would you like to see change e.g. environment, pollution etc?
  • How does “rising to life with Jesus” make a difference to our world?

Please send art (with details of the church and, if you have permission, the names of the children) by early April to:

CWM (2020 Assembly Art Work)
11 St Georges Circus

Many thanks for your help with this.

Sainimili Kata
Programme Associate (Europe) at Council for World Mission