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Christianity website relaunched

13 February 2020

This week has seen the launch of Christian Enquiry Agency’s website Christianity.org.uk.

This website is the go-to place to find answers about the Christian faith from a non-partisan perspective, and visitors to the site can engage in meaningful conversations online with a real Christian using the conversation feature.

The site also contains content about many aspects of the Christian faith, beautiful imagery, specially commissioned artwork, and up-to-date answers to the kinds of questions about spirituality and identity that people are asking.

CEA are offering this website as a gift to the wider Church.

Why not use it on the bottom of your church website, or on your church or organisation’s literature?

In a world where Google search can bring up increasingly weird or ‘fake’ news, this website offers a vast array of articles that are well written and researched and help people navigate the big questions of faith, introducing people to the person and story of Jesus.

So why not take a look yourself, let other Christians know about this resource, and also share the site with those you know who might have questions about faith which you’re not sure you could answer.

Visit the site at Christianity.org.uk