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Jim Lyon elected Chair of Council

27 November 2019

At the recent Council Meeting, held at St Katherine’s in London, Jim Lyon from Yelvertoft Congregational Church was elected as the new Chair of Council.

Jim is the leader of the Church in Yelvertoft and following much prayerful consideration he made an application for the vacant post. Council followed a very fair and equitable process to help decide on the correct person for this very important role in the life of the Congregational Federation.

Jim was interviewed and evaluated following a presentation and the process was overseen by Paul Rochester the General Secretary of the Free Churches Group.

The decision of Council to call Jim was unanimous and we ask you to join us in welcoming him to the post and praying with us for support and guidance for both Jim and Council decisions.

Jim Lyon Profile | Chair of Council | November 2019

Having spent several hours in fellowship with members of council, and witnessed council at work, I am excited to be appointed as chair of council.

I am 64 years old, married to Jan, and have 3 adult sons and two grandchildren. I was brought up in a Christian family, but really became a Christian for myself in 1988.

I am a long term congregationalist with a small 'c' having been in leadership roles in independent churches for about 25 years, before joining the Congregational Federation church in Yelvertoft in 2013. At that point I had retired from my former church leadership role but continued in my secular employment as a senior manager in an international IT company. I took over leadership responsibility in Yelvertoft on the retirement of Barry Osborne in 2016, and along with my wife, have really enjoyed the role since then.

I completed an MA in Missional Leadership in 2010 while working full time, an experience which I know is shared by many of those undertaking Congregational Federation courses.

I am a strong believer in pursuing the model of worship described in 1 Corinthians 14, which I think is ultimately congregational, encouraging every believer to be involved in worship under the leadership of The Holy Spirit. I am also passionate about the local church being an integral part of the community, and really appreciate the opportunities for this in a village church.

I hope that I can bring a combination of personal concern, spiritual discernment and business experience to the role of chair, to support and enable council in the process of adapting the mission.