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Renewal and Rebellion: Faith, Economy and Climate

25 November 2019

Our environment is in crisis, inequality is growing, and yet our economic system seems fixated on endless growth, while politics is paralysed and coarsened by division.

How do we need to change our political and economic assumptions in order to meet these challenges? How can we can model new ways of living ourselves, and as churches? How does our hope in God’s future empower us to live a hopeful, abundant life on a finite planet?

JPIT’s 2020 national conference Renewal and Rebellion: faith, economy and climate invites you to join in looking at the big challenges we all face – rethinking economic structures and taking radical steps towards climate justice, and how we can all act – in faith, for people and for planet.

Speakers include:

  • Ed Miliband, MP and co-host of ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ podcast
  • Katherine Trebeck, Wellbeing Economist
  • Christine Allen, Director of CAFOD
  • Anthony Reddie, Director of Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture
  • Ross Greer, Green MSP
  • Revd Lucy Berry, Poet-in-Residence

For more details visit the JPIT website.