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Assembly Report

16 May 2019

Assembly Report

Hope. Uplifting. Fellowship. Encouraging. Christ-like. Going Forward. Interesting. Interactive. Integrate. Cooperation. Collaboration. Forgiving.

National Assembly DundeeAt the end of the 48th National Assembly of the Congregational Federation, our President, Rev Dr Janet Wootton asked what one word summed up the day. The above list were the words that were shouted out – a small part of a much larger list thought by members present.

A small snapshot of an enjoyable day.

And those words reflected the mood of the Assembly that met at the West Park Conference Centre in Dundee, a day hosted most wonderfully by the Scottish Area. The Assembly in the Scottish Sunshine City was graced with a large gathering of Ecumenical Guests representing many denominations, groups and bodies – and eloquently and encouragingly addressed by Rev Dr Grant Barclay. The times of worship were thoughtful and reverential, with readings that suited the hopes for the day, hymns that lifted the soul and prayers that brought peace and contemplation.

The reports of Chair of Council, Finance, General Secretary and the reflections of outgoing President, Rev Martin Spain, described the footprint of the last 12 months in the life of the Federation. The Church Support Report contained the wonderful presentation showcasing why Hope Bristol, Greenacres Oldham and New Maria Neath had won the Serving the Community Awards. There were informative presentations from the Learning and Development Director and the Church Support Workers outlining many great opportunities of work and witness.

Rev Suzanne Nockels was announced as President-Elect 2020-21, there was much rejoicing as Sian Lampard, Audrey Lee, Ruth Leeming and Sue Raynor were received on to the Roll of Ministries and Sandra Turner read a letter to Assembly saying that she was standing down as Interim Chair of Council in July 2019. Council were tasked with continuing the search for a permanent Chair, and, after the discussion surrounding the Council/Presidents Proposal, also with electing three people to work with Council on the way forward for the Federation.

Assembly concluded with an invitation from the North West Midlands Area to gather in 12 months time at the Renewal Church in Solihull for our 49th Assembly. In the meantime, Assembly pledged to continue shaping the future with God’s guidance and the gifting of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!