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Alumni Association

29 June 2018

At the recent Assembly we spoke about the Alumni Association with those who had gathered there. This is our fellowship of people who are committed to supporting the training of those whom God has called to ministry in the Congregational Federation, as well as those who want to be able to get deeper into the Bible and our Christian faith, with a real sense of the distinctiveness of the Congregationalist contribution to our understanding of God and mission today. The Alumni Association is built around those who have themselves benefited from some contact with our learning and development courses and materials in the past.

We will be publicly launching the Alumni Association with a special event and lunch on 12 September this year, including a keynote presenter who is at the forefront of effective mission in the 21st century UK. It will be held in Nottingham, in our own conference centre, since this is where we have our weekend teaching sessions these days. We are building up our role of registered members, all of whom will be invited to attend this event. Could you be part of this?

Have a look at this page to see how you can help those in training.