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Pub Theology Takes to the Air

04 May 2018

Since last September a small group of people has met in the Prince Rupert Public House in Newark to discuss some of the big questions in life. Started by Mark Taylor from Newark Congregational Church, it was a feature item on the Sunday Morning Breakfast Programme on BBC Radio Nottingham on 29th April. 

Take a listen ... and perhaps think of adapting it to your own setting.

Click the image below to listen (the clip starts at approx 1:20:45)

Pub Theology featured on BBC Radio Nottingham

What is Pub Theology?
It’s all about meeting up somewhere comfortable, and talking about some of the Big Questions that as humans we ought to be interested in and have a point of view on;

It’s for people of all faiths and none – the more different points of view the more we’ll learn;

It’s talking to each other, saying what we think, asking each other questions.

It’s having a drink (mine’s a pint)

It’s having a good time.

It’s going home a little wiser, and understanding other points of view a little better.

What Pub Theology isn’t
It isn’t a church service – there are no hymns, prayers, Bible readings or anything like that;

It isn’t an attempt to convert anyone to a particular religion;

It isn’t compulsory to drink beer (or alcohol of any kind).

Why Pub Theology?
It seems to me that there’s too much misunderstanding and suspicion in the world, and that if more people of different views were able to meet up and chat things over in a friendly environment that might lead to greater understanding of each other’s points of view.

Got to be worth a try.

I also think that there are lots of people who have views or doubts about ‘The God Question’ that might be looking for somewhere to go to talk about them. Churches may well not be the most appropriate place.

Mainly though – it should be fun.
(taken from the website of Newark Congregational Church)