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Faith Exhibits

16 August 2017

CreateTalk Exhibits for hire
The CreateTalk Touring Faith Exhibition Scheme aims to encourage conversations, enable reflections and inspire action by visitors from the local community to your exhibition.

Westhill has been providing faith exhibits for hire for more than 10 years and the CreateTalk initiative was adopted by Westhill in 2017 from the United Reformed Church. 

 A range of exhibits is available for hire on different themes and using different forms of art.
 Exhibitions venues include churches, community centres, educational centres, hospices, places of work, retreat centres or any other venue chosen by the group hiring the exhibits.
 There is no limit on the number of exhibitions which you can host.

  • Gethsemane Garments
    A collection of four Gethsemane Garments by Peter Privett which show pain, suffering, hope and renewal.
  • Good Grief/ Bald Statements
    Eight sculptures by the late Jean Parker which deal with personal loss and the grieving process, after Jean’s own experience.
  • Holy Writ
    In 2014, in association with the ‘Holy Writ’ exhibition in Lichfield, the exhibition organisers organised a community project.
  • Let the Needle do the Talking
    A collection of embroideries by the late Pamela Pavitt which are presented in two groups.
  • Light shine through the Darkness
    A collection of 19 paintings by Ruth Goodheir about a new future and a sense of purpose.
  • Octave
    A collection of eight paintings by Elizabeth Gray-King known as ‘Octave’ which invite viewers to pause and ponder.
  • Picturing Creation
    Seven paintings by Kate Neal known as ‘Picturing Creation’ depicting the creation story in the Bible.
  • The Journey
    A compendium of 42 paintings by Peter Clare known as ‘The Journey’ about the spiritual aspects of life’s major.

For more information go to http://www.westhillendowment.org/faith-exhibits

Image from Kate Neal's Picturing Creation