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Appreciating Church

15 March 2017

Launch of Appreciating Church book and website

How can local churches, congregations and communities use their strengths to best effect and drive forward transformation?

Appreciating ChurchThat is the question at the heart of a new book and website Appreciating Church. Launched in London (Thursday, 9 February) and Liverpool (Monday, 20 February), the resources draw together, for the first time, the ways in which a range of denominations are using the process of Appreciative Inquiry to draw on the strengths and energies of local congregations and communities as the driver for transformation.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) begins by asking questions about the strengths and positive experiences that a community already has, and builds from there. Appreciating Church is a user-friendly, accessible and practical resource with theological underpinning and pointers for worship, integrated with AI theory and practice. It includes case studies from UK churches which have used AI, including the United Reformed Church, Methodist Church, Quakers and the Congregational Federation.

Our own LEAF programme and the questions and exercises that Suzanne has used with churches feature prominently. An accompanying website for Appreciating Church offers supplementary exercises and content.

Who is the book for?
Intended as a resource for anyone interesting in developing the life of their church in a way that builds enough spiritual momentum to take things forward.

Where has it come from?
Appreciating Church has been produced by a group of AI practitioners drawn from ecumenical partners, advised and supported by Appreciating People, the leading UK expert in using AI in community and public sectors. One of the co-founders of Appreciating People is Tim Slack, the son of the Revd Kenneth Slack who was an early leader within the United Reformed Church.

Published by Wordscapes for £16, the 120-page book features dozens of Appreciative Inquiry practitioners from a wide variety of churches drawing from diverse theological sources.

Visit the Appreciating Church Website.