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Palace Beautiful

25 January 2017

In Bunyan’s famous dream, full of allegory and deep symbolism, the palace Beautiful is visited by the pilgrim Christian just after he has climbed the Hill Difficulty. He arrives tired but victorious, spent but determined. And alone.

Ruth BroomhallA website has been created to explore the rich and meaningful themes in Bunyan's book. The Palace Beautiful is designed by Ruth Broomhall, and inspired by John Bunyan's great work, The Pilgrim's Progress. You can now go deeper into the story and encourage local schools to discover this wonderful resource too.

The vision for Palace Beautiful is twofold:

  1. To create stimulating resources based on The Pilgrim’s Progress, to encourage and enable children and adults to explore life, character formation and spirituality through the medium of Bunyan’s world-famous story.
  2. To establish ‘A Centre for Personal and Spiritual Development’ – Palace Beautiful –supporting, in particular, vulnerable and Looked After Children and their families.

Ruth Broomhall writes:
The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Curriculum for Schools is inspired not just by the book itself, but by the many children I have taught over the years who have responded with such interest and enthusiasm. It has been written to enable teachers in classrooms the world-over to bring Bunyan’s amazing allegory – and the faith that inspired it – to life and is designed, like the story itself, to be both universal and timeless, allowing schools to study Bunyan’s masterpiece for years to come.

For more details visit the website: Palace Beautiful.