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Council for World Mission

We are a worldwide community of churches, representing 13 million believers, committed to practising partnership in mission.  

CWM has 32 members in Africa, the Caribbean, East Asia, Europe, the Pacific and South Asia.   Although CWM is just over 30 years old it is built on a long history of mission. CWM arose out of the London Missionary Society in 1977. It owes a great deal to its forerunners in mission – including such names as David Livingstone, John Williams and Robert Moffat – for sharing the word of God and Christianity across the globe from as far back as 1795.

Our 32 members share their experience of mission through training, short-term exchanges and conferences. In partnership through CWM they also share financial resources and missionaries from one side of the globe to the other to carry out God’s mission locally.


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