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On 6th September 1620 the Mayflower began its journey to the New World. This September we are commemorating the Pilgrims who set sail 400 years ago with a reflection on its legacy.

There will be a:

  • Worship tent with a reflection from Mike Fales Moderator Elect of International Congregational Fellowship and member of a Congregational church in America
  • Children’s tent
  • a Theology tent – exploring the Promised Land theology
  • Mayflower Art and Artifacts Tent
  • Songs That Sustain Us Tent
  • Historical Voices Tent

In the Theology Tent video mention is made of the Underground Railroad. Take a look at these PDF's which share something of their fascinating story:


You can now watch all our MayflowerFest videos over on YouTube:

We have produced a reference list to share some of the resources that went into making our videos.
Please feel free to download it here.

Want to take part in the brilliant activities from the Children's Tent?
Here's the delicious recipes!