Do you feel that the balance in your life is wrong?


I wonder what God’s perfect plan is for you.
I wonder what the right balance is for preparing.

Maybe you are wondering about preparing for a life of better sharing with others about your faith and your life with God. Maybe you are wondering about having some kind of learning and reflection experience, but one that lets you get the balance right.

Do you need the same amount of time and depth with everything that is important in life: like a set of scales that is balanced equally on both sides? Maybe not. Maybe it’s more like a recipe: different amounts of the necessary ingredients for a perfect outcome.

A great recipe

Have a look at our support for a journey of faith and exploration.

Why us?
Check us out. We are far from perfect, if that helps. We are a federation that brings together independent, free churches for mutual support and the advancement of the Christian faith. We are non-conformist, from way back, but we are known and respected by those who know us. You will be expected to stay true to yourself.

Why a journey?
Because each of us is where we are in life, for whatever reasons, and each of us is looking to move on in our life, to discover more. Getting there is our journey. You may want to commit to a part time course of reflection and study, finding signposts along the way; you may want to stop off now and again simply to get refreshment from a module or two.

Whatever kind of journey you have in mind, you will find that with the companions who will be with you along the way, there is a focus on God’s love in action, a deep commitment to Jesus, a foundation in Scripture, a desire to deepen our faith, a concern for the life of our churches, and an open and respectful exploration of our personal and traditional ways of being with God.

Why me?
Because no one else can make your journey for you. There are no barriers to reflecting and studying with us. You don’t need to be under a certain age, or training for ministry, or have a degree or a certain number of A-Levels. You don’t have to be a Congregationalist. You don’t need to be looking to do a full course - though completing our course does achieve a bona fide UK University degree, if you are interested. You don’t need to be well off. You do need to be you.

Could this really be me?
Yes! We have a wonderful group of students, many of whom will tell you that they could never have dreamed that one day they would be taking a course like this. Others dip in and out, as they are able, getting involved in subjects that really interest them.

What does it cost?
As you might expect, this depends on what you do. But we are definitely cheaper than many places.

Who do I call?
You can email us, or call us on 0115 911 1450, or write to us at 8 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AS.

We are here to help you discover the ‘more’ that you would like to discover, whatever that is.

Come, enjoy the joy of discovery, and see where God takes you on your journey.