Preparation for Service and Ministry

The Congregational Federation offers opportunities to members of all its churches to prepare for ministry and service. Our integrated course will help you to discover more about your faith and God’s call on your life, and it will help to equip you with skills and confidence to put this into practice.

The full course can take you on a journey through a Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) programme, based locally to you, and a Foundation Degree in Practical Theology. But it may be right for you to start at some point part way through the journey of the full course.

All our learning is experienced through a mixture of face-to-face group teaching and personal tutorials at the course weekends, online resources, and private study in your own home and church settings.

There are seven recognised ministries on the Congregational Federation Roll of Ministries:

  • Minister
  • Preacher
  • Chaplain
  • Tutor
  • Spiritual Enabler
  • Mission Enabler
  • Pioneer Minister

If God is calling you to one of these seven ministries within the Congregational Federation, the Foundation Degree in Practical Theology will serve as the theological training which is required as part of the vocational process.

This is an exciting chance to learn more about God, yourself, and your relationship to others, and to enhance your discipleship and Christian service. Look through these pages to find out more.