GIFT Programme

The Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) programme can be followed by local churches, groups of churches, or Areas. It is possible to take individual modules, or follow the complete programme, Those who wish to study towards the GIFT Certificate, or as a starting point for further studies or training for specific ministries, may choose to complete assignments.

The programme is designed to deepen experience and understanding of faith and discipleship. As well as core modules, it includes a range of options related to particular forms of service.

It is of great value to all in our churches as it helps people to serve more effectively in their own local church. And, for those who wish to, It can be seen as an ‘access’ course, taken as the way in to further learning, or further preparation for service and ministry.

There are no formal education requirements.

GIFT provides an introduction to key themes in the Christian faith. It is designed to be of value in its own right, helping you to find out more about your faith and equipping you for more effective service in your own church. You will be encouraged to learn in ways that are relevant to the life and mission of the church today.

GIFT can be the starting point for those preparing for particular ministries, such as lay preacher or minister, but it can also be the way into deeper study for those simply wishing to develop their own knowledge, skills and faith in a way which can be of value not only to themselves but also to the church.

It is rooted in scripture, in the life of the contemporary church and in the world in which we live.

The programme is designed to be flexible, so that its timing and order can fit in with its local setting. Any church or Area may choose to study one or more modules, without doing the whole programme, or work through the whole course.

GIFT includes teaching sessions and modules, individual and group exercises. There are also marked assignments, which may be completed by those who wish to study to a Certificate, or go on to further studies through the Integrated Course. It is up to the individual student, and the course, whether or not assignments are completed.

To register a programme or record your interest, please follow the link above.