The GIFT programme provides an introduction to key issues in Christian life and witness and can be used an introduction course for the FD or can be studied within your church.

In 2024 the course will be undergoing some updating – so watch this space for more information!

GIFT - What is it?              

  •      Rooted in the Bible 
  •      Explores and strengthens your understanding of faith                     and discipleship
  •     Designed to equip individuals and churches  to                               effectively serve in their contexts

  What is the programme?                                          GIFT is made up of - 

  •    Four Core modules
  •    and your choice of one of the five optional modules                                                 

For full details of the full range of modules are available 

How do I study?                                                              GIFT is:                                                         

  •       Flexible. (Timing and order can fit in with its local setting)
  •       Can be followed by local churches, groups of churches, or              Areas.
  •       Includes teaching sessions and individual and group                       exercises.
  •       Optional assignments

To enrol on a local GIFT programme or to record your interest, please follow the link above to the Registration Form.