Foundation Degree in Practical Theology (FD)

The Foundation Degree in Practical Theology is a minimum four year course, taught at Levels 4 and 5 (two years at each level) and is accredited by York St John University.

Each level is firmly founded on biblical teaching, and theological reflection, with core modules covering central aspects of Christian thought, and options which allow students to specialize, or reflect on areas of Christian life.

At level 4, a choice between local and global mission in the first year, and a six month work related module in the second year, provide opportunities to root study in the lived experience.

Level 5 continue the strong biblical focus, including a look at the original languages of the Bible. Theological reflection moves on in a series of Theological Dialogues within and outside the church. There is an opportunity to engage with the congregational tradition in the context of the wider church, and a further series of options allows for specialized study.

In the first year, a year-long placement is designed to equip students for specific ministries. These are required for recognition on the Roll of Ministries.

In the second year, a year-long research module encourages students to engage their own areas of expertise or interest in Action Research, through a guided programme leading to a dissertation and class presentation.

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