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Hello and welcome!

We, the Congregational Institute for Practical Theology, are pleased to see you here!

CIPT is a key part of the Congregational Federation. We deliver a series of local and national courses which help to equip local churches and individuals for service within church settings and beyond. Have a look below for more information about us!

What is Practical Theology?

Practical Theology is an academic discipline that examines and reflects on the practises of the church. It is a way of studying theology that is intended to make it useful and applicable. It aims to prepare students to translate the knowledge learned into effective ways of being church. 

In our FD Course in Practical Theology, we aim to combine equipping students with theological and biblical knowledge with the skills and tools they need to effectively relate this knowledge to the world around them, in their churches and the wider community. 

Why Practical Theology?

Everything we do in our programmes stems from our belief that all of our studies are integrated with each other and rooted in the context where you, the student, are. All our study and reflection is about living out our faith in action and in community with others in the reality of Christian life today. Our actions and our relationships speak about God as loudly as our words, and our courses hold this all closely together in study, worship, action and life.

Our courses and modules are designed to fit together and to help your overall spiritual growth through the opportunities they offer and the course is integrated in the sense that your studies will be related to your own faith and to all you do in your own church. That’s what makes it a course in practical theology.

Who can study?

Our course is designed to welcome and support people at every stage of life and faith. It’s not just for those who want to be Church Ministers – there are opportunities for anyone who wants to deepen their faith, explore more about their calling and study up to Foundation Degree level in a supportive and welcoming environment with help from a committed and experienced team of expert tutors. We currently have students with ages ranging from 20 to 80 and everyone is welcome to come and join us!

How do I study?

The courses combine face-to-face teaching with electronic and distance learning. In this way they are designed to be studied by people who have other commitments, such as work, family life and existing ministry. You may begin at the first level, and work right through over a number of years, or join and leave the course at various stages, depending on how far you want your studies to go, and any existing qualifications that you may have.

The course consists of the GIFT programme (level 3), which is currently run in local churches (but watch this space for online developments!), and the Foundation Degree in Practical Theology (Levels 4 and 5) which is run nationally and validated by York St John University, this means that you gain a university qualification.

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