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Global Sharing Publication

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There are many ways in which churches can work in partnership with others to develop mission and outreach - not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world.

Through sharing of ideas, experiences, and knowledge we can all learn. Through sharing in prayer, worship, bible study and outreach we can all grow in our faith. Through offering support to one another, we all become stronger and better able to carry out our work in God's name.

As an outcome of people representing the Congregational Federation on visits to learn more about mission from overseas partners, we have gathered together a series of stories, which answer the following questions:

  • Stories from  your overseas experience  that make you smile
  • Stories form you overseas experience that have made you think deeply
  • When did God seem far away on your overseas visit?
  • When did you feel that God was close during your visit

We also have some reflections and questions to consider, based around the stories.

A free copy of the publication Global Sharing will be sent each Congregational Federation Church early in 2017. Additional copies are available price £2. Please contact us if you would like to buy a copy.