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International Congregational Fellowship Conference

International Congregational Fellowship
Quadrennial Conference 2017
Stellenbosch, South Africa
6-11th July 2017

Many people from many lands and many cultures CALLED TO FREEDOM through one Lord, Jesus Christ.

The 2017 Quadrennial ICF Conference is an amazing opportunity to meet with other Congregational ministers and church members from around the world, worship and learn together and enjoy South African culture and even visit some amazing places.

The programme includes speakers from the local university, workshops, worship, presentations, ICF business, fellowship and plenty of free time.

The conference is aimed at adults and youth (aged 16+) to be exploring the theme around freedom together. The session themes will have a united introduction and then the workshops will allow everyone to explore through different variety of styles.

Theology faculty building, Stellenbosch UniversityThe visits arranged will enable reflections on the theme of 'freedom' as well as opportunities to gain insights into the lives of South Africans and how their history as a people transcends today.

The venue is Stellenbosch University's Theology faculty building, (171 Dorp Street, Stellenbosch). A variety of accommodation is available to suit budgets and requirements. As a university town, there are many B&B options within walking distance of the venue as well as a comfortable university residence building near by.

Stellenbosch is a beautiful university town with a mix of tourist shops and 'real life'.

The conference fee is inclusive of all programmed activities including Table Mountain, Robben Island and additional visits. Please see the booking form and invite letter for further details.

The conference booking form needs to be returned to Yvonne Campbell by 31st March 2017 at the Nottingham offices.