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How Can I Be Part of It?

The short answer is:  ‘Everyone can belong’.

Belonging begins where you are in your own Church, but it could lead you to all kinds of exciting places.

If you are involved in the fellowship of a Congregational Federation Church, whether you attend a Church youth club or group during the week, or a Sunday service, if you are aged between 10 to 29 years you can get involved in CF-XTRA!

  • From 10 years old you can attend CF-XTRA activities such as Summer Camp.
  • From 14 years old you can become part of the Core Team Support Group and train as a young leader and help with events.
  • From 16 years you can go on mission trips to other countries
  • From 17, you can stand to be on Core Team.

The CF-XTRA Core Team elections mean you get a say in shaping the leadership team. The Core Team co-ordinate events such as Summer Camp and they represent the young people of the Federation so that your voices can be heard.

No matter what age you are, you can be part of this new movement by praying, as we seek God’s voice in trying to support the young people associated with our churches.

Also you can help with spreading the word of CF-XTRA or if you would like to help, but not sure how, then please give the Church Support Department a call.

Please call: 0115 911 1460 or email: Church Support Team.