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Empowering women and girls (Central America)

Our match-funded project will empower indigenous communities to claim their rights to sexual and reproductive health. Our partners will:

  • train traditional birth attendants to provide healthcare,
  • will ensure that contraceptive supplies are readily available.
  • will make sure women from indigenous communities are welcomed, not excluded.
  • will educate teachers, heads of families and pupils on family planning, HIV, pregnancy and sexual and gender based violence.

Through the project, an incredible 200,113 women of child-bearing age will be helped – and a further 566,955 in the target areas will indirectly benefit.

Update Summer 2018

Health Commissions set the agenda
Training SessionsThe project provides training for governmental health officers in five municipalities. Ministry of Health staff, mainly health promoters, have increased their knowledge of gender issues and the legal framework for human rights.

Health Commissions that audit health services are now recognised by authorities. A total of 24 commissions, with 455 members, have been consolidated. They meet every three months to collate demands from the community, evaluate public health services, and lobby for the improvement of services. They've set their own agendas, which include education in local schools.

A total of 2,625 young people have been reached through ORMUSA's training sessions; throughout 30 schools, young people have been educated on topics of gender violence and sexual education. Seventy-nine teachers also attended training in 2017.