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Partnership - with a Twist

The Congregational Federation is supporting two partnership projects:

El Salvador/Honduras - Empowering Women and Girls
Ethiopia - Healthier futures for Women and Girls.

Latest News on the Fundraising

Good news! We have now completed one half of our appeal - and the second half is progressing well!

£7,676 has already been raised towards the £10,000 target, £5,000 for Ethiopia and £2676 for El Salvador. The money for the Ethiopia project has already been sent off to Christian Aid and the El Salvador Appeal will end in September 2018. So carry on the good work, we are close to accomplishing our goal.

Across the two projects, the EU will contribute a further £4 for every £1 we raise.  So the £10,000 contribution from Congregational churches to Christian Aid across the two projects will become £50,000 by the time it reaches Christian Aid partners in Africa and Central America.

Support the Community Partnerships
It is easy to donate to the remaining appeal. You can donate online or by sending a cheque to the Federation offices in Nottingham. Please do not send any money directly to Christian Aid.